About Erica Glessing & The Show!

About The Erica Glessing Show

Erica Glessing is the Inspiration Maven! She created this daily 8-minute podcast to inspire and bring light to entrepreneurs & lightworkers on the planet today.

If you are willing to take one step into your dream life today, and each day for the next 365 days, your life will be different. Choose you -- choose you brilliantly and without judgment.

That's the core inspiration behind The Erica Glessing Show. "I built the show to inspire my friends, authors, and lightworkers around the world. In 8 minutes, could you shift your energy so that each day brings more joy?" asks Erica Glessing, a third generation publisher, game-changing inspiration maven, and mom to three teens.

Erica's latest book is a full color inspirational book of Happiness Quotations, featuring the photographs of Rich Cruse.

The guests on The Erica Glessing Show are global, inspirational, real individual game-changers who change and uplift people in their own lives, every day!

The Erica Glessing Show - 8-minute daily inspirational podcast for entrepreneurs & lightworkers
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