Dancing Dragon Magic: Dialogues in Clay with Susan Smith James on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #2024

Dancing Dragon Magic: Dialogues in Clay

Susan Smith James

The Dragons ARE talking! Artist, potter, and author, Susan Smith James loves creating dynamic dragons in clay. One day she asked her earthenware dragon creations and what they had to say. To her delight and surprise, they let her listen in on their conversations, and so evolved this story; Dancing Dragon Magic, Dialogues in Clay, told through the dragon's words and illustrated with exquisite photography of Susan's dragon pots, and drawings. Experience the beauty, love, wisdom and magic of the Dragon Realm.
Meet the Sun Dragon, Smoke Dragon, Day Dragon, Moon Dragon, Night Dragon, Sea Dragon and more on this glorious and inspirational adventure, told with colorful ceramic clay dragon images, playful sketches and exquisite watercolored backgrounds designed to delight your spirt and enrich your senses.
Be transported to another realm where celebrating, educating, dancing and creating community are the order of the day. Dancing Dragon Magic, Dialogues in Clay will light up your life, and your imagination in new and unexpected ways! Come dance with the dragons!
Author and artist, Susan Smith James is an award-winning potter who took time off to raise her two sons and work the family farm with her husband. When her youngest son went off to college, the dragons were tapping her on the shoulder asking her to make pots of them. “I’m my happiest when I have my hands in clay,” says Susan. She can be found creating dragons in her studio in Pilesgrove New Jersey. # # #

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