Serena Scanzillo “8 Minutes of Motivation” on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #1025

"Say no to some things... I look within myself to figure out what was gonna make me happy everyday... Being open and humble to criticism and advice will allow you to fast track... Seek out mentors to learn... Take one step at a time..." ~ Serena Scanzillo

Serena Scanzillo of "SerenaFit"

A Connecticut girl at heart, she started soccer at the age of 4, graduated to lacrosse and swim team at Farmington High School and later got into running races and bodybuilding to not only enhance her overall athleticism, but to challenge herself in new ways, after she graduated George Mason University in 2007. Sports and recreation has always been her lifeblood, fueling her desire to influence others through SerenaFit, established in 2008.

Since she started her business, she's traveled the world as an entrepreneur, learning about business operations from various start up communities, connecting, growing and leading together with global figures who innovate and want to change the way we live. It's about making an impact, for her.

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