Danna Lewis on The Erica Glessing Show #1046

"Dating... Really being willing to lead yourself... Being more deeply present with yourself..." ~ Danna Lewis

DANNA LEWIS, Conscious Leadership Expert, two-time best-selling author and hands on healer has 20+ years of business experience, trainings and certifications in consciousness and empowerment coaching. Business highlights include building high-performance work teams of happy, empowered employees on Wall Street; managing 400 million dollar bank accounts for the world’s largest financial institution; creating multi-million dollar revenue streams in zero-sum revenue operation departments; and directing brand management and social media architecture for a luxury exercise franchise tripling in size during her tenure. She is trained in the Access Consciousness® and Joy of Business® modalities.

Danna is co-author in “The Energy of Receiving” and “The Energy of Creativity”. She is currently working on a third collaborative book about conscious relationships and her own conscious leadership book. Her business career and company were preceded by a childhood wrought with domestic violence. Her tenacity and awareness of much greater possibilities have fueled her pioneering of learning about consciousness, exploring her hands-on healing capacities and creating a different reality for herself. She knows it is possible to thrive in all spaces of our lives and that by eliminating the artificial walls of limitation more contribution and receiving can exist. That levity, gratitude and kindness can be incredibly potent forces of change. That choice and question always provide the possibilities to out-create anything. Danna currently lives with her executive chef boyfriend in San Francisco, CA during the week and their Monterey, CA home weekends with his six year-old son.

Danna's website: www.dannalewis.com


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