Glenyce Hughes Guest Stars on The Erica Glessing Show #1051

"To stop pretending we are victims... Stop pretending that we don't have a choice... Money is a choice... You are the creator of your life, not money!!" ~ Glenyce Hughes

According to Glenyce:

Business is NOT a four letter word!
It’s time to quit creating someone’s dream and making someone else rich.
You’re frustrated, working more hours, making less than you know is possible.
You’re often wondering if there is more possible for your business.
You’re exhausted having only one stream of revenue.
No clue how to take your business from ho-hum to cha-ching to ba-da-boom to HALLELUJAH.

What makes Glenyce's eyes sparkle and her heart beat is empowering AWESOME-preneurs to create their business beyond their wildest dreams.

Glenyce's website:

Glenyce's radio show:


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