Melinda Azstalos “Wholistic Designer” on The Erica Glessing Show #1081

Says Melinda, "I have been empowering people around the world over the past 7 years
as a Life Coach using Quantum Energy tools and techniques." So her designs for the lightworkers of the planet are brilliant!

"As a Body Regeneration Facilitator ®, I successfully coach people around the world to unlock the limiting beliefs that keep them from moving forward in life. I decided to move into energy facilitation after having spent more than 18 amazing years as a Senior Graphic Desinger in Advertising Agencies. I love design AND energy work so much that I chose to do BOTH in a NEW and AMAZING way.

This gives me the very unique advantage of tapping into the energy of what your successful business wants to be created as. This level of awareness also helps me perceive and connect to Source with ease so that I am working with you from a level of consciousness that allows me to connect to what you truly desire to manifest."

Melinda Asztalos website:

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