Greg Bryers on The Erica Glessing Show #1092

"Are you choosing to die, or choosing to live?" ~ Greg Bryers

From Greg...

While recovering from a series of strokes I learned some very valuable lessons. The biggest being that life is about choice and choosing. I read many books by respected authors such as Louise Hay, Bruce Lipton, Eckhart Tolle, Paulo Coelho. It's from these authors, and many others, that I learned about choice, and the choices I had been making with regard to my health and life. And so I started to choose differently... and my search for more understanding and awareness continued.

I teach people that they have choices with regards to health, how they function in this reality, how they respond to events and even people, and have watched and witnessed people change how they Be in the world, becoming more joyful and in charge of their path and life.

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