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"How many random acts of kindness can you be part of, today?" ~ Alex Bryant

Alex Bryant is an artist and a connector which is founded on self-motivation, respect, optimism and old-fashioned hard work. He brings his A-game into every task with a can-do attitude which is demonstrated in all of his work. He has a relatable and charismatic nature, and his innovative skills have manifested to a wide range of clients. Alex has had the honor of working with General Motors Foundation, the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), Vanity Fair, NAACP, Access Hollywood, ACM SIGGRAPH, Race to Erase MS Gala, The 88th Grammy Awards, CBS Television Distribution's Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, NBC Universal and the Esquire Network.

In addition, he creates print and digital designs, social media campaigns, social media corresponding at charities and red carpet events, and is a contributing volunteer for multiple non-profit organizations.

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Alexander 'Alex' Bryant embarked on his artistic journey by enrolling in an introductory art course at age 12. At 14, he moved with his family to Abilene, Texas due to a military background and then on to pursue his continued passion in the creative arts in graphic design at Angelo State University until his graduation in December 2014. Throughout Alex's education, he has received multiple local, national and international awards and recognitions including: 4 ADDY awards, numerous scholarships and featured on Even though he adores graphic design, Alex also dives into other areas of creating and actively discovers more skills to add to his list.

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