Cameo Haag “Breast Implants to Heart” on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #1173

Cameo Haag

I am a mother of 3, I wife of 1 and a lover of all things in life. I enjoy the good and the bad, the right and the wrong, the dark and the light, the love and the hate. I believe that we must know the sun to appreciate the moon. We must feel the sadness to experience the joy. I love expressing and feeling all my emotions and enjoy supporting others along their emotional journey as well.

I am a licensed massage therapist and have been since 1996. I am certified in the emotion code, an energy healing process , where we tap into old energies that may be blocking us from experiencing pleasure. I am a writer who blogs all about the power of releasing our heavy sexual energy and misbeliefs about sex so we can expand our yummy sexual creative energy and experience more peace, passion & pleasure in our life. I am a woman who has struggled with her body image every since I can remember. I am a woman who wants to be seen and remain hidden at the exact same time. I am a woman who knows she is a divine feminine goddess of love and light while simultaneously feeling that I am unworthy and no one could possible love me. I am a woman who wants to serve the world and show up powerfully but has these deep core beliefs that the world is not safe and no one will be there to receive me. I am a woman! I am the divine feminine who expresses herself openly and honestly and knows that the world deserves more love. I love you and want to express my appreciation for you taking the time to read my story. Please reach out to me on facebook or on my blog at I am Cameo Haag.

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