Christian Arriola “The Hustle” on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #1241

Christian Arriola

My entrepreneurial story began when I discovered that you could buy things for cheap and resell them for 10x… That’s how I started selling ice sticks when I was 8 years old in my neighborhood.

I remember buying those ice sticks for $.05 cents a piece and selling them for a full $1! Believe it or not, I would sell anywhere from $40-$80 dlls in a single day. (Might not sound much to you, but for an 8 year old was definitely A FORTUNE!)

After that, I’ve been jumping from business to business, tried all different industries I could, tested products in different niches, all trying to find what would really make me happy.

After selling cupcakes, cellphones, computers, lingerie, and so many other things I came to a realization…

The only thing that makes me happy is starting new projects and inspiring others to do the same!

I’ve come to a realization that all the people that ever told me “money does not buy you happiness” were right! (Although I rather cry in a Mercedes than on the streets) This phrase has a very profound meaning to me, at least it does now!)

To motivate 100s of entrepreneurs every week! To find a way to communicate what’s on my mind and on many others entrepreneurs mind.

Plus, to show you that even though entrepreneurship is pretty damn harsh and cruel, it’s also extremely comforting.

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