Katrina Elkins “Amplify Your Light” on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #1333

“Holy is within me. The I AM is in my heart and shines through the miracle that is my existence.” Katrina Elkins

Katrina's journey to embody the Feminine started twenty years ago.

"During 2015, I realized I had to with let go of old habits and limiting beliefs about money, time, and community. I noticed I kept sacrificing myself. It changed when I had dreams of the Divine Feminine. She came to me as a female pope.

Within a few months, I finally connected with mentors that assisted me in accessing my own Feminine in a grounded and meaningful way. During the middle of 2017, I experienced the balancing of my Feminine and Masculine energies. After that, I had an incredible healing of my Feminine Heart and have fallen deeply in LOVE with CLAIMING ALL OF ME," and now Katrina helps other women do the same!

Look for her event in Seattle! http://www.katrinaelkins.com/amplify-your-light-2/



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