How to Build a Podcast that Contributes to Your Business!

Build a Podcast that Contributes to Your World!
Fridays & by recording!

And inspires others to become a greater contribution in their world, at the same time!


  • Week 1
    The purpose, intention and audience is clarified
  • Week 2
    The "how" is initiated, you will actually build the beginning of the podcast (you don't have to publish it but you can set it up as a 'draft' podcast)
  • Week 3
    The frequency and the "tagline" is defined, plus a marketing overview of options to launch and brand your podcast
  • Week 4
    Sound options, opening intros and outros, sponsors or no sponsors?
  • Week 5
    Building the infrastructure so the podcast can contribute to you and  your business in a systemized fashion! Creating social media structures to make sure your podcast is getting listed and posted and shared and talked about

Each week you'll receive the recording from the session. Questions will be answered live on each call. You'll leave with a podcast ready to roll out and contribute to your business and the planet, at the same time!

Join now and receive a 30-minute private session with Erica on podcast creation & launching to a hit series! When you sign up, you'll go to Erica's calendar and book your session!



Client Love!

Erica Glessing is the creative producer of my podcast! I highly recommend Erica!

~ Curry Glassell
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