Jen Lamkins is #5 Top Show of 2017 on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #1361

Jen Lamkins

Jen Lamkins was among the very first shows this year airing on New Year's Day 2017! How exciting! The Erica Glessing Show celebrates nearly 1 year of life, and brings back one of the very first guests in this #5 top listened to show of all of 2017!!!

Jen is a laser empowerment business coach with the gift of vision. On today's show, Jen shows us how to experience the future success we desire right now in the moment -- so we can choose based on the life we are choosing and not the life we are leaving behind. Get inspired today with Jen! She's a lot of fun on this self-help podcast designed especially for entrepreneurs.

Connect with Jen here on her website: and enjoy a complimentary meditation here:

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