Jennifer Cramer Lewis “Changing How We are with Business” on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #2013

Jennifer Cramer Lewis

Acting on your own awareness in business gives you a stronger platform on which to stand. In today’s marketplace there are dozens of messages every hour sent to us about how “this thing” is the thing that is going to launch your business to the next level, if you just this next super-duper sales funnel, this exact way of approaching your clients, this office, this new modality… the list is endless. When you learn to ask questions to “this thing” you are considering investing in for your business, the awareness that you sense can not only save you money… it could actually make you some too! How does that sound?

Jennifer Cramer Lewis #1 International Best Selling Author of 2 Books and counting!

As well as her work with singles, couples and families, Jennifer invites you to more possibilities with Wealth, Abundance and Possibilities with her online program called Wealth Blueprint™.

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Jennifer started attending self development courses at sixteen. When the people in her class discovered that she was not an adult, they were surprised and annoyed that she had insight beyond her years. Jennifer used to allow this to mean something about her, that she was too candid, too blunt, too helpful and that it was somehow all too much for the world around her. For many years she dialed it back, dulled it down and tried to stuff herself into the box that everyone around her seemed to fit into so stylishly.

Helping people become more aware of what they know about their lives is Jennifer’s full-time job and she couldn’t be happier. Jennifer’s clients laugh when things fly out of her mouth that they have been thinking or feeling for years!

Jennifer’s biggest hope for her clients is that they stop looking to the past to create their future and that she can be the catalyst for them creating the life that they always knew was possible and didn’t know how to initiate.

Jennifer asks herself everyday, “How did I get so lucky?” and is so thrilled with the changes that she has made to her everyday life with the tools of Access Consciousness.

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