Build an Inspirational Podcast in Easy Steps with Erica

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"I believe that when  you create your podcast, you change the world with each published episode. Podcast listeners are loyal, and choose four to five podcasts each week. The subscribe button is on their phone, desktop, ipad, laptop -- the podcast goes wherever you go."

Podcast Creation with Erica

~Done for you, with you

~You create your own show art/logo, Erica will guide you on the creation of your audio recordings; the creation / title of the show (if you wish guidance); the approval by ITUNES (necessary for success) and the first month of publicity so you can launch it in a major way!

Erica's show "The Erica Glessing Show" received 10,000 listens in its opening month! GEMS with Curry Glassell (Erica came up with the name, an acronym for glamour, elegance, money and sex. Curry was getting bans from facebook for having conversations about sex! We hid the word in the acronym = no ban! Curry's show has been listened to over 62,000 times since its debut in April 2017!

Look for these two new creations in 2018:

Insights with Pratima Nagaraj

My Own Guru with Ele La White y Mi Propia Guru con Ele La White (she is creating in English & Spanish)



If you would like to sign up right now for "Podcast Done for You" (with you too of course!), here is the sign-up button!


The Erica Glessing Show - 8-minute daily inspirational podcast for entrepreneurs & lightworkers
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