Six Weeks to Double Your Income

Six Weeks of Transformation Starts with a Question!

Week 1, Module 1 (Starts today)

Begin right now with an immediate download of two audio recordings with generative questions, clearings, and an expansion energy pull. Then, join the weekly small group pod on Tuesdays by zoom (phone &/or video conference call) at 9AM PST and/or 3PM PST (30 minutes each live & by recording). Each week on Sunday morning, Erica will release a new recorded guided series of questions & meditations. Then, on Tuesdays there will be two live sessions and your questions will help guide the energy so you can embrace the transformation you have been asking to receive!

Week 4

The week begins with an acknowledgment of how far you have indeed come, this lifetime, and an embracing of your desire to transform.

We will explore your audience, and help get clarity on next steps. Action steps. Steps that you can take in alignment with your purpose.

A moment of clarity can shift everything. Where are your actions in alignment, and how could you up your intensity to expand this further? This is a very positive week of expansion into your true sense of you.

Week 2

Choosing beyond what you know, following the energy, and waking up joy in your life! This weeks morning session will be on awakening awe, wonder & joy -- the afternoon session will be on releasing old ties that have kept you "small" and blocked your limitless income potential.

Plus experience brand new generative questions to increase your awareness. 


Week 5

Choosing greater sometimes results in leaving others behind. The how of changing, doubling your income again, and asking for more. Being willing to change even when it means that some people around you may not understand you.

New questions will show up this week to release limitations and expand the very joyful nature of being. And also, to grasp some discomfort in change. What will this mean for you and for the earth? What will this mean for the planet?

This is a strong week of expansion designed to shift everything in your world -- and get comfortable being, well, uncomfortable!

Week 3

This week is dedicated to increasing passion, intensity and zest.

Clarity. What can you actually do, now, to change your income right away.

Where have you given up? What are you willing to bring, of you, that you may have forgotten about? Amping up your own awareness of your beauty, strength and capacity for change. What could be different? That! We will bring this out in you this week!

Week 6

This is a celebration week where you will look at the successes, and look at how you can choose even greater in 2018.

This week a new series of generative questions will be recorded for you to keep asking as you go into the next steps. With the focus on doubling your income, you can examine how this has worked in your life and what else you can consider for making changes in the months ahead.

Change is infinitely possible! Transformation begins with this single step of choosing different, and then taking action steps into the future you desire.

You are not alone! Thank you for joining me on this journey!

Yes! I'm Ready to Double my Income in Six Weeks!

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When You Join Today: Bonus Gift!

When you join today, you receive two special bonus gifts!

#1 The book "Having Ease with Money"
#2 The brand new book "Earth Healing"






Receive two recordings immediately

Receive weekly clearings and energy pulls

Receive two weekly live/recorded (by zoom phone or video) sessions on expansion & clearing limitations

Receive warm supportive environment for changing your world

And, contribute your willingness to be you!



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