Each day, The Erica Glessing Show is sponsored by a company, book, tool or product that will deliver value to the listeners. If you believe your product would serve the audience of The Erica Glessing Show, please request a sponsor packet by email. There is room in the second half of Q1 and onward.

The audience is predominantly entrepreneurs in self-help fields, with about 65% of the listeners women and about 50 percent in the USA. The show features guests from USA, New Zealand, Sweden, Australia, Dubai, Canada, the UK, and growing... It's a relatively tech savvy, higher education audience eager for solutions to building online, entrepreneurial businesses that tend to the heart, soul and body of a person.

Most are interested in learning how to grow and market their businesses with new and cutting edge systems that will help the planet, and their clients and followers.

The Erica Glessing Show is proud to have Audible on board!

Welcome Audible!

The Erica Glessing Show - 8-minute daily inspirational podcast for entrepreneurs & lightworkers
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