Sylvia Remington “Earth Healing, One Tree” on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #1354

Sylvia Remington

Hi! My name is Sylvia Remington, and I’m so grateful you are here! I would love to see and create a world where there is so much kindness, joy, and creativity, that the world explodes with possibilities; and where there is truly a communion on this planet with the people, the animals and the natural world all around us! What would that take?

I’ve done so many things, and there’s so much yet to come! Some of the fun things I’ve experienced thus far are…

I used to dance professionally (with modern and jazz dance), sell dance choreography, teach creative movement to kids 3-7 years old, was a back-up dancer for a band that impersonated the Beatles, worked behind-the-scenes in film, created graphic design layouts for an advertising company, and more! I love water coloring, writing, dancing, music, playing in the magic of energy work, walking in nature, being me & stepping even more into that. And what else can be discovered?! Also, I’ve had some beautiful adventures around the earth in Nepal, Costa Rica, Japan, Australia, France, Canada, the United States… And where else can I adventure next?

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